Urip Iku Urup, Living to Enlighten

Tanggal: Kamis / 22 Juli 2021

Budya Wacana Senior High School has just finished their orientation week for the new student. Their theme for this year orientation is unique, “Urip Iku Urup”. Urip is a Javanese word which means life or alive, iku means ‘is’ or ‘means’, while urup means ‘light up’. The whole proverb can be translated freely as living to enlighten or living a meaningful life.
During the orientation, the newest members of the family got to know the rest of Budya Wacana Senior High School teachers and staff as well as things that we usually do during our school period. Students also went for virtual visit to Prambanan to learn a little bit of our history and culture. They also took parts on discussion related to character and life skills building.
It was a fun week for sure. Thank you the OSIS committees who had worked hard for this event. Thank you, all teachers and staffs who had taken part in the event. Welcome X graders. Let’s all live a meaningful life. Happy studying, everyone.